Anaren Microwave, Inc. recently acquired the ReZolt products and technologies including ReZolt Wi-Fi modules and software.

Anaren's Wi-Fi Connectivity Solutions



Anaren WICED Wi-Fi Modules simplify OEM's hardware design by integrating complex Wi-Fi subsystem. OEMs simply include an appropriate Anaren Wi-Fi Module on their board to add Wi-Fi capability to their products. Target applications include home, healthcare, logistics, transportation, building & industrial automation, and energy.


  • - Broadcom WiFi
    - STM Cortex M3 C

    SERIAL-TO-WiFi with RZ707 WICED Wi-Fi Module

  • -Connect RZ707 and Host Processor using UART or SPI
    -Add Anaren Serial-to-WiFi software interface to Host Processor

    SDK with RZ707 WICED Wi-Fi Module

  • -Port host application to run on RZ707 using Anaren provided SDK


  • - Broadcom WiFi

    RZ226 Wi-Fi Module WITH Embedded RTOS

  • -Using Anaren-ported Em-Fi Software on the Host Processor

    RZ226 Wi-Fi Module WITH STANDARD OS

  • -Using Anaren provided OS driver
    -Standard OS includes Linux/Windows/Android



Wi-Fi Software contains the building blocks required to facilitate addition of Wi-Fi to an OEM embedded device including Anaren Middleware, RTOS, network stack, Wi-Fi chip driver, and a hardware platform.

  • Complete software stack optimized for embedded devices
  • S2WiFi to enable quick and easy-to-integrate Wi-Fi solution
  • End-to-end reference application from sensor interface to cloud
  • Middleware includes all neccesarry funstional blocks
  • Supports multiple operating systems and network stacks



Anaren provides development/evaluation kits and boards that complements Wi-Fi Modules/Software.


RZ707KS-LPS Evaluation Kit

Allows evaluation of Wi-Fi Solution using RZ707ES-LPS evaluation board running LPS (Low Power Sensing) reference application and Wi-Fi Solution integrated with UbzerverTM device and sensor management system.


RZ707KS-S2W Evaluation Kit

Allows rapid development of software interface to Serial-to-WiFi application on RZ707 Wi-Fi Module. It includes tRZ707ES-LPS development board running S2WiFi application and Wi-Fi Solution.


RZ707KS-DEV Software Kit

Allows development of OEM application running on RZ707 Wi-Fi Module and Wi-Fi Software. Each board includes an RZ707MS Wi-Fi module, temperature, humidity and light sensors, and other I/O interfaces.


RZ707ES-LPS Dev/Eval Board

Included with RZ707 development and evaluation kits, it is easy to use, contains sensors and provides several hardware interfaces to RZ707 Wi-Fi Module


RZ226ES Development Board

Provides accessible hardware interfaces to RZ226 Wi-Fi Module and connects to a development board containing customer's selected processor using SDIO or SPI.

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